Boosting your text

You’ve written a piece in English but something tells you it could look better? You’re from abroad and have been working for years in the Netherlands, but you’re a bit insecure about the quality of Dutch in the talk you’re going to give? We’re often asked to copyedit, edit, or rewrite text. Your writings can be fine-combed for language errors (spelling, grammar, idiom); we can offer the additional service of rewriting awkward phrases or even entire sections while giving the text a general boost; and if necessary, the text’s overall structure can be revised.

Edited text sample:

Redactie en corrective van abstracts t.b.v. een wetenschappelijk tijdschrift

The way we work

Our procedure is simple. You get in touch with us and send us your text by email. We make an estimation of the kind of ‘repair-work’ that your text requires and the time involved; as soon as you agree with our quotation we’ll start work according to schedule. All our editing is recorded with the Word function of ‘track changes’, which quite often results in an interesting spaghetti of lines and balloons. Because such a dish is somewhat hard to digest we’ll return your text in two versions, one lean and clean, the other a tangle, just in case you’d like to track our comments. You’ll notice the difference!


  • Lighthouse Texts has gained expertise in translating or edititing Contracts, Terms and Conditions, Articles of Association, Annual or Financial Reports, Notes of Objection, and Letters of Appeal.
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  • Chuffed with the complimentary remarks of a new client. Grateful for my editing remarks, for the time I take to deliberate about abstruse passages. I don't mind looking at some last minute additions, and that's appreciated too.
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  • I'm being kept busy with an interesting treatise on human volition. New insights, same old question: are we in control, in any way, of how we act and think?
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