Our Clients

Lighthouse Texts has been asked to work for the following institutions and companies:


Some quotes:

“ We really appreciated your flexibility.”
“ I enjoyed our collaboration. You worked fast and according to schedule.”
“ Wonderful text, very readable.”
“ Great to see our text in ‘real’ English! ”
“ Our poster was accepted, many thanks.”
“ By the way, the teacher manual was very good. Thanks! ”

Privacy policy

Lighthouse Texts has a privacy policy, which means that private persons who have approached our agency for editing or translation services will not be referred to by name. Often, such work is funded by the employer or other suitable foundations. Companies, foundations, and universities concerned include the following:


Client satisfaction was expressed as follows:


“ It’s priceless to be corrected by someone who knows what you’re talking about. ”
“ Wonderful, my translation! ”
“ Thanks for this elegant translation.”
"I like the translation very much, and I really hope that I didn't give you a too hard time with all my questioning back etc.! "
“ It has become a solid and very readable piece of writing. Well-done! ”
“ It’s nice to have some work in real academic English at last.”
“ Effortless translation.”
“ I was really very content with your work; it’s very readable, beautifully fluent.”
“ Ik heb het net allemaal doorgenomen, ik ben je reuze erkentelijk! ’t is maar goed dat deze twee stukken door jouw handen zijn gegaan.”
“ I’ve just finished looking at your work and am very grateful indeed! A good thing you got involved."
"And what I forgot to mention: a very good translation of the summary, A. too was very content as he just told me by mail."
"Many thanks, it looks beautiful, well translated and with feeling too. I also appreciated your sugegstions." 
"So I hope you are content with the product, and that you had also some fun doing the translation! I am completely content with the outcome."
I'm very content with your editing and I see that even some argumentation issues have been clarified, through some subtle changes or additions. Thanks!"



  • Lighthouse Texts has gained expertise in translating or edititing Contracts, Terms and Conditions, Articles of Association, Annual or Financial Reports, Notes of Objection, and Letters of Appeal.
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  • Chuffed with the complimentary remarks of a new client. Grateful for my editing remarks, for the time I take to deliberate about abstruse passages. I don't mind looking at some last minute additions, and that's appreciated too.
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  • I'm being kept busy with an interesting treatise on human volition. New insights, same old question: are we in control, in any way, of how we act and think?
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