Direct communication

Open, person-to-person communication with our clients is much appreciated at Lighthouse Texts. I am often approached with requests to translate very particular or complicated texts. Such translations obviously require flair and expert knowledge, but also the insight that some translation issues aren’t that easy to solve. I don’t just take a shot at it but freely discuss such problems with you. My clients prefer sometimes to hand me suitable jargon or the most up-to date technical terms. This is no problem at all, as I am convinced that the best translations result from collaboration.

The way I work

So how do I work? I receive a text you’d like me to translate by electronic mail. After examining it Incan give a quotation; the price will depend on estimated difficulty, deadline, and relative length. Once you agree, I will start work on the translation according to schedule and I’ll keep you posted. Sometimes, elements of the original text are a bit unclear, as with ambiguities or terms inconsistently used. When in doubt, we’ll ask you to consider a few alternatives, because we want the translated text to convey what you intended, not just what we infer. Our service includes a two week ‘post-sales’ period for questions or comments.

Translation samples



  • Lighthouse Texts has gained expertise in translating or edititing Contracts, Terms and Conditions, Articles of Association, Annual or Financial Reports, Notes of Objection, and Letters of Appeal.
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  • Chuffed with the complimentary remarks of a new client. Grateful for my editing remarks, for the time I take to deliberate about abstruse passages. I don't mind looking at some last minute additions, and that's appreciated too.
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  • I'm being kept busy with an interesting treatise on human volition. New insights, same old question: are we in control, in any way, of how we act and think?
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