Writing all-round

Your web designer is telling you that it’s a good idea to habitually update your website with a column, but writing it turns out to be an awkward affair? You’d like to regularly get out a newsletter, but you simply don’t have the time for putting it together? You’ve got a pile of research data but can’t get beyond the design stage of your article?

Lighthouse Texts boasts a rich experience in writing all sorts of texts, from the zesty corporate story to the exactly phrased scientific poster destined for a large-scale international conference; from inviting webpage texts to concise serach-engine descriptions .

Concept Development

Writing involves more than putting one sentence after the next. Whether it’s about telling an anecdote or reporting on research proceedings, the writer will have to sit down and think about structure before even putting pen to paper. The text’s subsequent shape depends on medium (website, presentation, anniversary book) and target audience. That’s why we prefer to be involved in your writing plans right at the concept phase. Once it’s clear what you want we’ll make an outline and discuss this with you before proceeding. Of course you are free to comment on the final text. At Lighthouse Texts we realize that, literally, all our dealings are informed by communication mechanisms – a tiny shift in meaning can make a world of difference!


  • Lighthouse Texts has gained expertise in translating or edititing Contracts, Terms and Conditions, Articles of Association, Annual or Financial Reports, Notes of Objection, and Letters of Appeal.
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  • Chuffed with the complimentary remarks of a new client. Grateful for my editing remarks, for the time I take to deliberate about abstruse passages. I don't mind looking at some last minute additions, and that's appreciated too.
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  • I'm being kept busy with an interesting treatise on human volition. New insights, same old question: are we in control, in any way, of how we act and think?
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